Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sequels vs. Spin-Offs

Finishing a book late at night, with characters the reader has grown to love, and plots that captivated them since the very first page, is one of the best and worst experiences of a reader. On one hand, the reader has finally reached the point they've been waiting to get to the entire time. They know the ending. They've found out all the secrets. Everything is revealed. On the other hand, they've grown attached to these characters. They've invested time in this world. They don't want to see it end. They beg for a sequel or sometimes, a spin-off.

These two requests, however, are two different things. A sequel is a continuation of the same story lines, through the same narrative. A spin-off has a connection to the first book (set in the same world, time period, some of the same characters) but tells a very different story.

I, for one, have always been a fan of spin-offs more than sequels. It gives a fresh spin on characters or story lines you already know. It gives the original protagonists a little room to breathe. They let other characters have a chance to shine while also allowing you to immerse yourself more fully into the author's world. Furthermore, if the story ends nicely, let it end nicely. Don't make the author or the publisher consider rehashing these characters lives again. Let them relax. Let them rest. Too many novels now-a-days, especially in the YA genre, are being stretched into series for the sake of selling another book.

Spin-offs are welcome on my bookshelf. Unwanted and unexecuted sequels, no thank you.

What do you think? Are you a spin-off person or a sequel person? Leave a comment down below continuing the conversation! 

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