Thursday, August 22, 2013

Writing Journal: Poetry

Poetry is one of the largest genres of literature. Some people find it boring or too hard to write, but most people don't recognize the vast types of poetry that exist. There are many different types of poetry from, rhyming and non rhyming to three lines haikus to page long epics. No matter what type of poetry, there is some type of poetry for everyone. Poetry can be easily used to express emotions, tell a story, or just express a burst of creativity. Here are just some of the basics for those who want to start writing poetry.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Inkspiration's Future

As the summer nears its end, many of us face a busier schedule and bigger workload. This is not untrue for the Inkspiration writers as well. It is for that reason, among many others, that Inkspiration will now be closing down. Our writers do not have the time required to put in the effort that Inkspiraiton deserves. We are all so glad we started this project, and had every intend to follow it for much much longer. However, times change. All the same, we thank you for giving us someone to write for, and encouragement every step of the way. I'm sure each and every one of our writers will miss this. We hope you enjoyed reading our site, as much as we enjoyed writing for it.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book Review: The Eternity Cure

Title: The Eternity Cure

Author: Julie Kagawa

SPOILER FREE description (as explained here): Newly-turned vampire Allison Sekemoto must follow the call of blood, like breadcrumbs, to save her sire and mentor Kanin from Sarren, the psychotic vampire holding him captive. The trail leads Allie to her old home in New Covington and the Fringe, but there’s no time for nostalgia.

A new strain of Red Lung—the insidious virus that decimated the human population decades ago—has emerged. This time, it’s fatal to vampires, too. A cure might be among Kanin’s many secrets—if Allie can reach him in time.

But when the brave, fearless human boy she left safely behind re-enters her life, Allie is torn between the remnants of her humanity and the bloodthirst that consumes her. How can two people so different feel so much for each other? One was born good. The other was reborn a monster. It’s a love as undeniable as it is impossible.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Young Adult Literature Today: Love Triangles

Love Triangles. You hate them or you love them. Either way, they seem to be dominating all different genres of Young Adult Literature today. In love triangles, there are three different people. The main point or the main character is torn between person A and person B. You read about a girl who can’t decide about what guy they like more, the sweet cute boy next door or the dangerous rebellious bad boy. Yeah, they can be annoying and repetitive, but some of them can be brilliantly written. From the Twilight series where the love triangle dominates most of the books’ plot, to The Hunger Games where it takes a backseat to the action in the book, the love triangle is a theme that is being seen more often in Young Adult Literature.