Inkspiration Writers

Tess Lydon, Editor-in-Chief
Tess Lydon been intrigued by characters and the written word ever since her mother introduced her to the wonder that is a library. Soon reading was not enough to keep her imagination satisfied and she decided to craft stories of her own. Her most recent and serious work, a young adult novel entitled At Second Glance, can currently be read for free here, along with a few short short stories as well. Her other interests include photography, acting, and reading. 

Everly Brooks, Part Time Writer

From a young age, Everly Brooks has always had an active imagination. One day she decided to put her daydreams on to paper, and a writer was born. Now she writes whatever captures her mind. She enjoys writing fantasy, but will read anything she can get her hands on. Aside from writings, she also enjoys watching television, movies, and photography. 

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